Embarrassed, disgusted...these are the words that come to mind watching this video. The first time a Hindu has offered the opening prayer in a session of the US Senate and this man is interrupted by the shouts of the Christian Right. TPM Cafe has a good synopsis of the event here as well as an...ummm....interesting?...press release from Operation Save America.

I really don't even know what to say about this. How are we to have a meaningful dialogue, a meaningful political discourse, a civil fucking discourse, if we can't even allow each other the decency of listening? This is not mutual respect, this is pure and ugly hatred.

I showed this clip to my roommate and after a few minutes of silence he said, "Well, a little foresight and anyone could have seen this coming." My first reaction was anger at his simple dismissal of the actions of these three 'protesters.' After a little reflection though, I have to admit that I wonder if he might be right. An open Senate session with an advertised "first," it seems rather obvious that some crazies will come out. This, though, says something so much more horrible about our society than his initial statement lets on. If we are to expect the worst of people, if we are to expect that intolerance will always rear it's head, always rise to the occasion...well, another reason to walk away shaking my head.

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