My Theory of Actual Reality

Because reality just can’t hold their interest, some have turned to the virtual world…even for a source of income. I’m not talking programming, networking, and internet commerce here. No, I’m talking about this. “Gold farming” is the practice of harvesting virtual goods in an online gaming environment and then selling them for real cash in the real world.

This is what capitalism leads to? It’s time to enter the real economy, produce in the real world. When “commerce” that is confined to the universe of an online game requires real world legislation to govern it, it’s simply gone to far. We have real problems affecting real people all over the real world, and it just seems utterly wasteful to me to have millions of dollars a week changing hands over virtual goods. It also seems a monumental waste of legislative time (not that governments around the world don’t find thousands of other ways to waste this time) to have to create laws to govern this little economy. Some things just make me walk away shaking my head.

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