Aspects of the SDK: the results are in!

Last week we started a survey to see what aspect of the SDK are important for mobile developers. This was a pretest for our main survey. Only 27 developers answered the survey which makes the findings of the analysis to be limited, but for being a pretest it is enough.On average the developers had 6.36 years of experience as programers and had developer 8 mobile applications (on average).

The developers choice of platform for mobile application development was:

The reason for developing application was:
All the facet had more than 20% of the votes, which indicates that they all have certain importance for the developers. The face with the highest vote was "the usage of debugging aids" with 74% of the respondents acknowledging its importance. This was followed by "Available code samples for app development" with 70% and "Available tutorials for using the SDK" with 63%. The next graph shows the amount of respondents that each facet got.
The facet most important for learning by doing was "The usage of debugging aids" with 74% of the votes. in the case of libraries and APIs "Quality of the platform specific APIs available" had 59% of the votes. In the case of developer friendliness "How easy it is to use the development environment" had 37%. Finally in the documentation dimension "Available best practice guidelines" was the most important with 37%.

This is just a pretest, to understand the content validity of the facets. The actual survey will be conducted at the beginning of April and the results from it will be meaningful.

Thanks to all the developers that helped with this pretest.

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