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Nostalgy: a Mind Cloud Service

Our memory is one of the most important tools that we have. It allows us to go back in time and relive happy situations, to learn from previous mistakes and prevent us from redoing them. Most of us go to bed at night and try to think on events that happen during the day, some try to remember their childhood and all the happy moments with the family but others keep thinking on what went wrong on their job. Unfortunately we cannot remember all the detail of an event and as time pass by, it becomes harder and harder. Nostalgy fix this problem by allowing us to store our memory in the cloud.

Nostalgy works in a simple matter. First the user buys the Nostalgy Memory Reader (NMR). This comes inside of a syringe looking device that will help the user insert the NMR in them. The user should place the syringe in the back of their head and press the insert button. With this the syringe will introduce the NMR in between the skull and the skin of the user. The insertion of the NMR is painless and because of the size of the NMR (5 mm) it’s almost invisible.

Once the NMR is inserted, the device will create a magnetic field around the head of the user that will allow it to constantly scan the brain and see all the activities going on. By analyzing the activities of the brain, the NMR can clearly understand the thoughts going through the user. This allows the NMR to encode the current memory of the user. Once encoded, the NMR sends that data through an encrypted tunnel to the Nostalgy servers. When the servers get the data, it encrypts the data and stores it under the privacy guideline set by the user.

To retrieve the store memory the user has to remember the event and the NMR will recognize this pattern. The NMR will request the particular memory from the Nostalgy servers and they will send the memory to the NMR through and encrypted communication channel. Once the NMR has the memory, through the same magnetic field it will induce the information by manipulating the brain activity of the user so that he can accurately remember the event with all the details.

To access the privacy guideline the user has to strongly think on Nostalgy Privacy. The NMR will detect this thought and the Nostalgy servers will modify the privacy guideline based on the user’s wish. By default the privacy guideline is set so that only the original owner of the memory can access it. With the user’s wish, all his memories can be access by the public or the user can set permission to set what memories can be access by whom. The user can also choose what will happen with his memories once he is dead.

Nostalgy assures all users that their memories will be preserved for as long as they wish; it will not let anyone forget anything since the moment they subscribe to the service. Nostalgy allows individuals to relive good moments and share them with families and friend. It also allows them to share their knowledge with everyone so that their discoveries are known by many. Nostalgy brings a solution to memory lost and enhance our capacity of communication by letting other experience the same way you experienced a moment. It is highly recommended to subscribe newborns to Nostalgy so that they can have all their life memories forever.

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